Manly gifts for dads. Give the best gifts he could ask for.

Manly Gifts For Dad

When dad is a man’s man, only the manliest of gifts will do. Any of these ultra studly gifts will have your dad grunting with joy.

We hope you love the manly products we recommend! Just so you know, Gift Guide Genie may get a share of sales or other forms of compensation from the links on this page. 


1. The manliest of mugs gets straight to the point.

Manly gifts for dad coffee mug.

2. Beard care kit to keep that manly mane from making them look like a homeless person.

Manly beard care gift set. Perfect for fathers day.

3. Let your dad show off his balls of steel with these whiskey stones. I don’t know anything manlier than whiskey and balls of steel.

Manly gift idea for dad. Balls of stone whiskey balls.


4. A tactical pen like this will keep dad busy for hours tinkering with his new toy. It’s even got a flashlight, and dads love flashlights.

Self defense pen gift for dad. Manly gifts for men.


5. Give dad a chance to do some manly reading with the Illustrated Version of the Art of Manliness. Which he will probably do on the toilet.

Art of manliness book as a gift for dad for fathers day.


6. Benshot whiskey glass with a real bullet embedded in the glass.

Benshot whiskey glass with real bullet. Manly gifts for dad.



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