21 awesomely unique gifts for cat lovers

21 of the Most Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

These unique gifts for cat lovers are sure to be a hit with any feline aficionado. Any of these gifts will definitely be the cat’s meow.

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The Most Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

A Cat TeePee

For the trendiest cats, only the finest housing will do. This cat teepee is a great gift for anyone who really loves their cat.


Cat Mane

The only thing that could make your cat look more awesome is this cute cat mane. Your cat loving friend will surely enjoy transforming their tame cat into a ferocious beast.



Sneaky Shoes

These sneakers are adorable and have just the right amount of cat on them.


Affordable Cat Watch

This super affordable cat gift is not only unique and a tiny bit trendy, it’s also perfectly priced.


Spherical Scratching Post

This is one of the nicest looking scratching posts we’ve ever seen. They can keep their living decor aesthetically pleasing while letting their cat get their jollies out.


Cat Play Circut

This is probably the most entertaining gift on the list. This little gadget will keep both the cat and cat lover entertained for hours!



Astronaut Cat Backpack

Because all cat people need an astronaut cat backpack to show their feline friend the world.



Wall Mounted Scratching Post

For the cat who needs a very stable scratching post.


Cat Monitor with Laser Beam

With this little cat monitor and laser beam combo, now you can watch your cat & play with them, all while you’re supposed to be working.


Indoor Grass Planter

Bring a bit of nature to their cats life. Perfect for that indoor cat who longs to know what it’s like out there.


Natural Cat Toys

Only the best cats toys for this kitty. If your looking to give a great looking gift that’s also very functional, this will be a hit.


Cat Flower Tote

Because most cat lovers, love showing their passion for cats to the world.


Knee-High Cat Socks

Cozy, Warm, AND with Cat faces. What more can they ask for?


Fashionable Cat Backpack

This is a very nice backpack, with just the right amount of cat touches. This would be a hit for any school aged kid on your gift giving list.


Cat Coinpurse

Because what woman wouldn’t want to see this face every time she opened her purse


Angry Swearing Cat Coloring Book

Help them channel that inner zen with this adult coloring book about angry swearing cats


How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You Book

For the friend who just needs to know.


It’s True

So everyone can know why they work so dang hard.


Cat Post It Holder

So they can be constantly reminded of their love of cats, even while working.


Trendy Cat Pillow

Because look at that face.


Paws Poster

Like Jaws, but obviously better.

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